Internet Access

Businesses today are increasingly reliant on high speed internet connection. How quickly you can communicate with clients and suppliers is fundamental to your success. With CDNVOIP Internet Access, your business is assured of an industry leading internet connection that’s reliable, congestion free and backed by our Service Level Agreement

Features and Benefits

  • Connect faster with clients, partners and suppliers
  • Get things done faster and improve productivity
  • Peace-of-mind with our industry leading SLA
  • Intelligent core network redundancy means your business stays more connected
  • Multiple connections to the global internet means more reliable service for your business Some businesses

Businesses use the internet sparingly. Others have staff constantly on the move who need to access their work emails, the internet and business applications regularly. Others again require a premium and dedicated broadband solution. Whatever your situation, we have the devices, solutions and plans to help you succeed. CDNVOIP offers reliable, secure and stable Data & Internet services that will help employees be productive… and save you money.

  • Ethernet & DSL
  • Ethernet Broadband
  • Internet access from 560kbps to 16MB
  • Ethernet access from 10 MB
  • Web, domain and email hosting
  • Spam, security and disaster recovery